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J&S Ultra Hack - Matte Black

J&S Ultra Hack - Matte Black

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Designed for superior functionality and style, the J&S Ultra Hack is a shank set intended to improve on and replace the common S type hackamore. It is CNC machined in our small family owned and operated business from high strength aircraft grade aluminum. A pair weighs only 6 oz and each shank is anodized for a durable long lasting finish. The unique shape has been created specifically for good balance, fitment (on most horses), and also to alleviate the issues arising from snagging common S type hackamores on watering pails.

This batch of shanks did not turn out well with the matte black anodizing - they are being sold at a discounted cost. Please look at the pictures so you are aware of the imperfections. The surface finish in no way affects the function of the shanks, we are simply not going to sell parts with less than perfect finishes at full price.

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